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Online Poker Strategies

5 Easy Strategies To Increase Your Online Poker Winning Potential

When playing poker online there are a number of strategies you can use in order to “up” your game. The following are easy to learn and can show an instant increase in the amount of hands you win:

  1. If it’s not a good starting hand – fold it! Unless the fun of playing online poker for you is in the playing of as many hands as possible, you’ll find it more profitable to only play a hand that has a good chance of winning. The only exception to this is if you’re in the big blind and can get to see a flop for free – but once you’ve seen the flop, if it hasn’t made your hand into what has a good chance of winning what anyone else could have, fold it.
  2. Never take all of your money to the table. If you’ve got all of the money in your account at the table, and you go “all-in”, then you’re going to lose everything you have. If you take perhaps 50% of what’s in your account, then you can afford to make the “all-in” bets that you want without risking your entire online poker budget. If you do win an “all-in” bet, leave the table and put some of the winnings back into your account before clicking into a new table.
  3. Unless you’re desperate to steal the blinds, slow play the first round of betting even if you’ve got a great hand. That way you can increase the pot pre-flop and then raise the stakes once the flop has been dealt. You are risking giving someone else a better chance, but if you think your cards are going to hold up, it’s worth milking more than that minimal blind pot.
  4. Watch out for players who re-raise. If they do it more than once then it’s probably better to let the hand go. However, watch for a pattern because some players make a habit of doing this in order to power play the pot. This is where it pays off to be observant of who is doing what around the table. Too many re-raises from one player could indicate that this player is bluffing and it may be worth calling their bluff if your hand is good enough and there’s no obvious flush, straight or full house on the table.
  5. Don’t feel that you’re glued to a seat! If you don’t feel comfortable at the table – perhaps there’s players at the table who are indulging in negative chat, or someone who is regularly stealing the pot through going “all-in”, then move. One of the best things about online poker is that there is always another table you can join!

Online poker is a game of chance and luck as well as skill and strategy but if you can improve your game by employing more strategic habits then you are bound to increase your percentage of winning hands. Become a Better Online Poker Player by Getting Rid of Distractions

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