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5Dimes Review


20% Welcome Bonus Up To $250


5Dimes offers the best odds in the online sports betting industry with a strong reputation. They are known for their reduced juice!

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  • Sportsbook: 5Dimes
  • Website:
  • Established: 1999
  • Country: Panama
  • Support:
  • Minimum Deposit: $25
  • Deposit Bonus: $250 & RJ (-105)

5Dimes Review: Excellence In Sports, Casino, and Poker Play

The urge to wager on sporting events is an urge so primal that we know it has existed in humans since at least the days of the Greek and Roman empires. In those days the people may have gambled over food, clothing, land, or any other basic necessity of life. In today’s world there is much more sophistication to the way that a gambler can risk his money on the hopes of a payout. Given the banquet of options we all have for sports wagering both in-person and online, it is necessary to take a look at some of the best sportsbooks around to see where one should put his money. Today, the website we take a look at is

What You See Is What You Get

Forget flash and intrigue with this website. What you instead are promised is a gambling experience that just works the way you want it to. The company does not invest as much in dazzling you with their homepage as they do with incorporating as many potential wagering options as possible. They also work incredibly diligently to ensure that you are provided with ever opportunity to lay the wager you wish to make.

Avoid The Payout Hassle

Take a look around at some of the other sports gambling websites on the internet and you are bound to find those that just wish to take your money and be on their way. They are not very helpful to the average player, but there sure are plenty of them floating around. They make it so easy to make a deposit, but practically require an act of Congress to obtain your withdrawal. does things differently. They are applauded in the industry for having as little hassle getting your funds as possible. They do their best to get those funds to you the same day if possible and provide excellent customer support along the way.

Better Odds For The Players

While they do pride themselves on everything mentioned above, perhaps what they are most proud of is the odds offered on their site for sports betting. Just take a look at some of what they offer for futures props such as “who will win the Super Bowl?” or “How many home runs will the home run leader in the MLB have at the end of the season?”. These are things that a person can actually put real money on. Those who elect to do so will want to make sure they do so with 5Dimes. Most of their futures props and other types of bets as well feature better odds than the competition.

Check Out The Casino While You Are At It

Although many known 5Dimes for their sports betting, this is not the only thing they have going. They also feature a full casino to include any kind of game that you might find at a brick and mortar establishment. This means you can roll the dice at craps, spin the wheel on roulette, or just dive into any of the hundreds of slot machines they have available for you to play.

5Dimes has a lower house edge than what you find at most online casinos as well. They like to reward their players regardless of which type of gambling they prefer the most.

Not One But Two Poker Rooms

Finally, throw on your sunglasses and put on your best poker face as you enter either of the two poker rooms hosted by 5Dimes. The company loves that they are able to provide this very popular game to players as well. 5Dimes gets to take their cut out of the game, but the players are merely battling with one another for the real share of the money. As such, it is completely understandable that people are flooding onto this site to have their opportunity to play.