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Disclaimer is not a gambling website. does not accept any bets/wagers.


All gambling sites pay for any advertisements they place on our site. We use a lot of care when choosing who we permit to advertise on our site. There are only a few who have our trust. As a result, you’ll see many of the same type of advertisements. Illegal operations or those who are unlicensed gambling sites are not permitted to advertise with us.

Funds Seized/Lost And Legal Policy

Any player who loses at an online betting establishment does so at their own expense. Should money be seized by a government or lost, it is not the responsibility of this website to provide a re-reimbursement. All gamblers are responsible for checking their local online gambling laws and are required to realize the risks involved with betting online. They must take responsibility for their own betting behavior. If compulsive behavior is a problem, a player can get help by consulting various websites including

Should a player’s money be seized by a governing body, or a country’s government, they must handle the situation on their own. In most situations, when governments seize money, an online service could refund a player’s losses.

It’s advised to play smart and have fun. Players need to understand in the gambling business there is often only one winner. With a good strategy, sports and poker can be beaten. When it comes to the casino, the house will always win. This site is designed for entertainment purposes only. When players choose to place bets, they are responsible for this decision.

No Contact Policy

Funds that go to and from online betting sites are never handled by us. Our site is not a financial institution. Emails located on our site as well as any phone numbers or any type of “Whois” information must be utilized in private. It should never be used by online gamblers who want to contact us. It is encouraged they directly contact the gaming site. We are not able to do this. We are unable to answer questions they may have concerning any funds going to or from a betting site. This is also true with approved sports betting sites. We do not, and will not, handle any type of funds that are directly involved with any type of online betting operations.