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Greyhound Handicapping – Best Bet

My bet of choice is the four-dog quiniela box. When I finish handicapping the program, I figure out how many playable races there are and then decide if I want to bet all of them, based on how much I feel comfortable spending.

True, I’m a conservative bettor. My idea of a wild bet is a $ 24 trifecta wheel once in awhile. It’s not that I couldn’t bet more. It’s just that I’ve come to realize by trial and error that my betting style is quiniela boxes.

What’s your betting style? If you’re a risk-taker, you probably bet trifectas. People who don’t mind risk tend to go for their best chance of hitting big, rather than gradually building up a bankroll with quinielas or win bets.

But what do you do if your betting style doesn’t fit your bankroll? If you’d like to try for a bigger payoff than you’re getting on quinielas or win bets, there are a few options. Of course, the most obvious one is that you can bet fewer races, but bet more money on each one.

This means, however, that you have to be really good at figuring out which race is the best one to bet on. And it’s really stressful to pick the wrong race, lose, and see your trifecta come racing home in a race you picked the right dogs in but didn’t bet on.

Another option for making more expensive bets is going to the track less often. If you now bet on three programs, bet on two or even one. That would give you twice or three times the money to bet with. Of course, like the first option where you skip races, skipping programs means that you might miss one where your bets come in, but that’s a risk you’d have to take to use this option.

Unless you have a crystal ball with really good reception, you can’t predict which race or which program you’ll hit until after it’s over. Let’s face it, there’s no sure thing with dog racing. So, either of these options can lead to stress, disappointment and a low bankroll.

There IS another option though, that I’ve used to bet trifectas with a quiniela bankroll. If you get good enough at handicapping, every so often a race comes along where you almost know that you have the quiniela. If that happens and you can come up with one or two key dogs, you can bet a cheap trifecta bet.

For instance, say I really think I know that the 2 and 3 are going to be the quiniela in a race, although I’m not exactly sure which one will be first and which one will be second. For $ 6 each, I can bet a one-dollar 2/3/All and a one-dollar 3/2/All trifecta. So for $ 12, I can get half of the trifecta if the 2 and the 3 are the quiniela.

If you’re good at picking quinielas, this is a good trifecta bet. Every once in awhile, when I’m confident that my quiniela picks are strong ones, I bet this combination and it’s paid off many times. I’m not daring enough to plunk down hundreds of dollars on trifecta wheels and key combinations, but I’m not afraid to risk $ 12 on a trifecta every so often.

If you’re on a quiniela budget and would like to bet trifectas, give the two $ 6 bets a try. Just make sure that you only bet when you’re really confident that the two dogs have the best chance of being the quiniela. There’s nothing nicer than seeing your two dogs come in first and second, especially if there’s a longshot for 3rd. After all, everyone has to take a risk now and then. That’s why we’re greyhound handicappers.

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