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Baseball Scholarships – 5 Summer Camp Tips to Earn a Scholarship

Attending summer camps for baseball is a great way to help earn a baseball scholarship. These camps are held everywhere and vary in formats. There are private skills camps, mini-tournament camps and camps held by colleges and universities. There over 135,000 senior high school baseball players in the US alone all competing for the same 1,100 freshman roster spots. Even less of those 1,100 spots are awarded scholarships. Baseball recruiting is extremely competitive and you must do everything possible to earn an offer.

Attending baseball camps held by colleges and universities is a great way to gain exposure and if you perform well enough you can earn a scholarship offer on the spot. But just don’t go to any camp that sends you a brochure. You want to maximize your time and resources to make attending beneficial to your recruiting efforts.

Here are 5 tips to earning a scholarship at summer camps:

1. Attend specific camps: Attend camps that coaches invite you to personally. Coaches want a chance to see you perform in person. You should view these as a tryout.

2. Show up in shape: You need to use this week to stand out from the competition. Train for the camps and show up in peak physical condition. You will be surprised how many baseball players ignore this tip.

3. Be a leader: Encourage other athletes, be vocal, hustle and be first in line. Players that demonstrate leadership potential show their maturity and this is attractive to college coaches. This also shows you won’t be a behavior problem if you were to get recruited.

4. Dress like a pro: This sounds simple enough but many players don’t dress for these camps like they are a real ball player. Wear a clean uniform, have a jersey with your name on the back to be easily identified. Leave the jewelry and earrings at home. Your not a pro yet, but act like one.

5. Play multiple positions: Nothing is more exciting to a coach than a player who can stretch a coachs scholarship dollar. If you can play more than one position, do it. Diversity is good because it shows you are an athlete and a team player.

Treat summer camps like a tryout. They essentially are. Most other baseball players will just be going for something to do. You should be using these camps to impress the coach and raise your recruiting stock. If you play them the right way you will be on your way to earning a baseball scholarship.

Want to earn the baseball scholarship you deserve? Do it right and beat out the competition. More recruiting tips!

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