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How to Bet on Formula One

Formula One is not one of the betters’ favourite sports because there are very high risks here. You can lose a bet in any moment if a pilot loses a tyre or if the difference between the pilots is of only 0.001 seconds. Another reason why Formula One has lost a lot of fans is the lack of spectacular moments we all used to see a few years ago. This is mainly the result of the Ferrari domination over the last few years and especially of Michael Schumacher’s domination.

Some say that this sport has become more spectacular since he retired, all the pilots having close value and there being more teams fighting for the supremacy. For instance, 2007 was a very interesting season, with Raikkonen outrunning Hamilton in the last round, both of them finishing the season in front of the former world champion, Fernando Alonso.

All the motorized sports are very risky, which is why you should always bet on events which have bigger odds or average ones. Of course, there are also small odds which you can bet on, but you should always bet around the beginning of the race because you might be surprised to find out that you pilot has changed the engine and so on. Also, you should take the weather into consideration, as there are pilots who race better when it rains and pilots who run very well if the weather outside is fine. Therefore, you should place varied bets because there is no pilot who dominates the Formula One championships and there is nothing to guarantee you that a pilot can win two races in a row.

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