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Ice Hockey Betting Rules

Ice hockey is one of the major sources of betting for punters across North America. Plenty of online betting sites have cropped up in recent years offering regular match updates by the second.

Rules Simplified

Ice hockey betting sites offer you the betting odds and lines on all NHL events, including the Belgian Cup. Using online sports book, you could easily bet on several periods such as the first period, second period and so on.

Wagering options for ice hockey include spread betting, money line wagering and total (under/over) offered on game-by-game or individual basis.

Common Rules

Unless otherwise stipulated, under betting rules, the games stay official as soon as the play completes an hour. For all leagues and for all wagers included, the teams must be available on action. Games lasting under official time constitute Push/Cancel or No Action, which means that all the money is refunded.

The games must occur on the scheduled date and site. Even overtime scores are taken on all game period wagers. Overtime scores are not included in third period wagering.

Betting on game period includes penalty and overtime shootout.

Extra Rules

Ice hockey bets accommodate teams with handicap, or those which win or draw. In case the number of goals falls exactly on the spread, the stakes get refunded.

While betting with handicap, half goal buying facilities are also available. This helps reduce the odds.

In National Hockey League, wagers overtime is also added in betting. Except for few pre-determined cases, bettors on Russian leagues, European leagues, Euro Hockey Tour, Olympics and World Championships are of 60 minute duration only.

Clients could easily wager on every team’s individual total. Stakes are refunded for all NHL matches not played on the same day as on the list. Hence, better be conversant with the rules before betting.

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