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What To Look For When Betting On Hockey

There are few things more thrilling than using your sports knowledge to win money on a bet. While everyone can get lucky from time to time on a NHL bet, it takes a sound strategy to continue to win money over an extended period of time. Here are four hockey betting tips and strategies that will help you win on a consistent basis.

Look at the Schedules

The NHL is a grueling sports league with a long 82-game schedule, so every team will be forced to play back-to-back games at some point in the season. They may even play three games over the span of four days. A tired hockey team is not going to play as well as they would when they are fully rested, so you want to use this to your advantage. You gain an even bigger advantage on your bet if the tired team is playing a fully rested squad.

Take Advantage of Goalie Matchups

Every hockey fan knows that a goalie can completely take over a game. It is impossible for a team to lose if their goalie does not give up any goals. Since they are the most important players on the ice, you always have to pay attention to the goalie matchups before placing a hockey bet. Every NHL team will reveal their starting goalie a few hours before the game. It is always advised to bet on teams with a strong goalie, but you will get even more value if the opposing team is forced to use their backup goalie.

Play the Hot Streaks

The longest winning streak in the NHL last year lasted 17 games, which is a nearly impossible achievement in every other sport. A winning hockey team is going to play with confidence, which will cause them to make less mistakes on the ice. This is why the hottest team entering the playoffs usually wins the Stanley Cup. Betting on the hot teams will greatly enhance your odds of winning.

Analyze the Home Ice Advantage

The rules of the NHL give the home team a big advantage over the opposing team. The home team gets to make the last line change before every face-off. This potential strategic advantage is not available in any other professional sport. A great coach will use this advantage to ensure his team rarely losses in their home stadium, so you do not want to ignore this information when hockey betting.

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