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Tips on Succeeding at Rugby League Betting

What is the best way to make money from betting on rugby league, and in particular the Super League? If we knew the answer to that question we would all be rolling in it. However, just like any sport there are certain aspects that must be taken into account before you lay out any money on a bet.

It goes without saying really that the ability of the teams must be taken into account, but it is also imperative that the weather conditions are considered. It is often good judgement to go with the outsiders if they get a big start in the rain. Once the rain starts the ball becomes like a bar of soap and the ability to score tries becomes more difficult. It makes sense therefore to side with the team who get a start in the wet, and by betting on a low points total should that be on the spreads or with the traditional bookie.

This precipitation factor is often overlooked by the casual punter who is more often than not just desperate to have a bet. Should you live close to the ground this can give you an advantage, but if this is not the case there are numerous websites which can provide a valuable service. It should however be remembered that there is nothing quite as unpredictable as the British weather.

In order to take advantage of the weather you need to know your teams intimately. To do this you should ask yourself some pertinent questions. Do Team A like to play an open and expansive game of rugby? Do they frequently try to offload during the tackle? Is it their plan to try to outscore the opposition rather than play a tight defensive game? Should the response to these questions be yes, then it is very likely that this team likes playing in dry conditions where the points are easier to come by, and the game can employ more passing, and inventive rugby is much easier to pull off.

On the other hand, teams who have more fun in the rain tend to be those who go through the forwards and rely on territorial advantage to squeeze the life out of the opposition. These teams tend to be made up of big, powerful players who are more at home playing low-risk rugby. They probably won’t provide the best spectator friendly spectacle, and may well suffer in hot conditions, but they are as happy as pigs in mud when the pitch is a quagmire and the handling is impossible.

It is still important to be up to date with team news, and this can be checked out by visiting club websites or by reading the local newspapers. It is crucial to keep a check on the team news as this can let you know about injuries within the respective camps. However, be careful of stories that claim one side is supposedly struggling with loads of injuries or if there is an illness dogging the camp. It is often the case that these are just stories and rumours, and have no basis in fact. It is quite amazing how often a player, who it has been rumored is doubtful for the game, ends up making a miraculous recovery and lines up with the team.

Pamela Mitchell has contributed to numerous sports betting sites and has authored several ‘How To’ articles at [] addressing topics that include betting on rugby league [] and other sports, online bingo, poker and casino games.

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