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“Flying” Michael Jordan defined

“Flying” Michael Jordan – a set of elegance, power, art, improvisational ability in one of the great athletes, he redefined the meaning of NBA superstar, he is recognized as the best basketball player the world, not only in his at that time, in the entire NBA history, Jordan is the best.

In most people’s eyes, Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player ever, he endowed with magnificent and legendary basketball career, and his campaign for the enormous influence of the inevitable push to get people to his God altar. elegance, speed, strength, rich artistic, spontaneous creativity and unparalleled combination of strong desire to win … … Jordan re-interpretation of the “superstar” of meaning.

Even in the same period superstars Michael Jordan acknowledged the supremacy of, Magic Johnson, Alvin (Magic Johnson), said: “Jordan at the top, and then is us.” Jordan the second season in the playoffs against Kay Stewart’s game, he was mad to take 63 minutes. Larry Bird said of him: “Today is a God disguised as Michael Jordan in the game.”

Have done a rough look at what Jordan: “Rookie of the Year, 5 regular season MVP, 6 枚 finals rings, 6 Finals MVP10 time First Team All-Star 14 times, 3 times All-Star Game MVP, selected NBA50 50 years, scoring 10 times (NBA record, while also scoring seven consecutive first order and Chamberlain), retired when the average score is the highest with 30.1 points …”

But he is far more than the impact of these honors and titles. When he first joined the league, he is a sharp step, breakthrough and acrobatic slam dunk gorgeous the natural scorer, and when he left, he has become a cultural symbol. in his basketball career, he dazzled with a pitch and field performance of individuals under the elegant grace conquered the public, but also the advance of globalization has accelerated the process of NBA, he is worthy of the king.

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He is an approachable yet maintain a sense of mystery man. “Air Jordan” was his signature sign his basketball shoe ads overwhelming, of course, he also endorse other products, have been in the movie Space Jam (Space is also bottling) and starring Michael Jackson with his two co-MV Jam degrees and twice retired back again until the 02-03 season before hanging up his boots. Jordan, saying: “I can accept failure, but can not accept to give up.”

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