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6 UFC Betting Tips On How To Pick The Result Of A Fight

Even if you have been watching the UFC for a long of time, predicting the winner of a UFC fight can prove to be extremely difficult and your chance of losing your UFC Bet is high. The cause of this difficulty comes from the unique fighting style each UFC fighter posses. Moreover, these fighters are consistently learning, improving techniques and fighting styles.

Having said that, the UFC has been around and documented for approximately 20 years. This excessive and growing database containing fighting statistics allows fight analysts to identify key components that lead to a successful UFC fighter. By understanding these components, you can increase your betting prediction of a fight significantly and place your UFC bet with more confidence.

Elements of Mixed Martial Arts
As a start, you’ll need to understand the multi-dimensional aspect of mixed martial arts. A UFC fighter with a mastery of several of these elements can become extremely successful. Learning these elements can be very beneficial for your betting. For simplicity, I’ve made them into 9 summarized points for you to memorize and keep in mind the next time you watch a fight.

These elements are:

• Knockout Power
• Ground and Pound Capability
• Ground Control
• Good in the Clinch (Escape and Attack)
• Take Down Ability and Defense
• Executing and Defending Submissions
• Notable Unique Traits Effective Technical Striking
• Agile Footwork

The Athlete’s Professionalism and Preparation
Fighters that are constantly training and maintain a positive attitude are what you want to be looking for. They must also be self-driven and highly motivated as an athlete. More importantly, your fighter must always appear to be in tip-top fitness displaying great cardio.

The myth about the more weight a fighter can shave is not necessarily a good thing. Cutting weight can leave the athlete in both a mentally and physically drained state, setting them far back from a peak performance.

Winning Streaks
Obeying the law of momentum, knowing your fighter’s winning streak or losing streak is crucial and allows you to determine if your fighter is currently improving or stepping backwards in his fight career. A loss is a loss regardless the gravity of the fight and would affect your fighter’s mindset in a negative way.

While each fighter goes through ups and downs in their career, through careful observation, spotting the turning point of their streak can balloon your chances of making huge amounts of money in your UFC bets.

The Training Camp
“Success breeds success”. Where does your fighter train at? Knowing the training center your fighter is a part of can provide you many hidden details such as “style”, “strengths” as well as previous successful fighters they have produced. Up-and-coming fighters produced from training camps have a higher chance of success in the octagon and are good for UFC betting.

Hint: You may take note of fighters coming out of American Top Team and Miletich

A Fighter’s Age
No one can cheat the effects of age as it creeps onto every fighter slowly but steadily. With the exception of some elite fighters like Dan Henderson, fighters that pass their mid 30s usually exhibit a significant drop in their peak performance. It would take a tremendous amount of effort to keep the body from rusting. However, their deep well of experience is not to be underestimated.

Factoring previous injuries
The older we get, the harder our injuries would heal and sometimes they don’t heal up to 100% depending on the severity of the injuring. UFC Fighters that are injured not only face this risk but are also forced to take large durations of training time off, leading to a significant drop of fitness level. Injuries impact both the physical and mental health of a fighter.

Fighters who return to the octagon after an extended rest period due to injury should be watched closely for their performance. As I mentioned about winning streaks, injuries may trigger a turn of a UFC fighter’s career. This is where you come in and profit in your UFC betting.

Finally, information the could help you evaluate the above strategies can be easily obtainable on the internet. However, many sites are not customized for UFC bettors and provide way too much information that don’t help you in making great UFC betting decisions.

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