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Betting Monday Night Football

Monday Night Football is the most anticipated day in football. Every week, viewers tune into ESPN to watch Monday Night Football and enjoy a primetime matchup between two teams. Thursday nights offer less exciting matchups than Mondays; however, it still provides an opportunity for bettors to place their bets on games that will take place during the weekday.

Monday night football has a special place for sports bettors. It’s the last opportunity to pad your bankroll before going into the week, which is usually quiet in terms of NFL action and opportunities to make money.

Do NOT Chase Your Losses

Betting on Monday Night Football can be difficult because it’s the final game of the week, but if you make good decisions and put in enough time studying statistics, you’ll find that your chances are higher than usual for winning. 

It is easy to get carried away from your losses on Sunday and bet more money than you should for Monday Night Football. In some cases, people will make an all-in wager just because they need a win or else their overall profits would be negative that week. Maybe the person doesn’t even care about who wins but has decided to chase losses instead of going with what might have been a better option in hindsight later down the line.

On Monday Night Football, it would be easy to see that you’re down from Sunday and start betting like crazy. Bettors might feel the need to bet big on the game even if they don’t care for the matchup because their money is at stake.

Never Chase Your Losses! Here is our Football Betting Guide.

Pass If You Don’t Like The Matchup

This is another case of where not betting can actually make you money in the long run. Just because it’s a primetime game doesn’t mean you must bet the game. 

Not every Monday night matchup is worth betting. If it’s a game that isn’t providing you with an edge, then watch the game without anything on the line. Trying to find value in sportsbetting can help maintain success over time

Simply put if you don’t like the matchup do not bet on the game. 

Scheduling and Time To Prepare/Rest

There are going to be situations on Monday Night Football when teams have fewer days of preparation. Teams that play on Thursday night the previous week versus a team who played Sunday the previous week will face each other, creating an unfair advantage for one side over another.

Teams coming off a bye week or just played an awful game because of injuries might be able to get back on track with the extra time off. If teams are banged up and need time to recover, they may do better playing Monday Night Football instead of their usual Sunday games since they have ten days rather than seven before their next matchup.

Prop Betting and In-Game Wagering

The spread and total are important for bettors to consider. If you don’t like them, pass on betting the game that week altogether. However, there is no need to sit out completely when online sportsbooks offer player props that stand out.

Over the past few years, prop betting has exploded. From players on both teams to even defensive positions like linebackers and safeties, there is likely an edge you can find somewhere on Monday Night Football matchups on online sportsbooks. It provides ample opportunity for bettors to put their skills into practice or try out some new strategies they may have developed over time with games that are well covered across major bookmakers during Weekdays.

If there’s nothing worth betting on before the game, keep your in-game portal open. Online bookies provide extensive coverage for Monday night games and you may find something that looks bettable to take advantage of during a game. Don’t just bet because it might never come up again – only do so if the situation presents itself! Be patient and wait until a better opportunity present itself.

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