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Football Betting Tips & Strategies

Football Betting Tips

NFL betting is one of the fastest-growing gambling markets in the world today. But many gamblers go into the betting parlors or websites with only a cursory knowledge of betting or a “gut instinct” that they trust. These betters are only needlessly putting their money up to be lost. Betting is far from an educated guess or an action based entirely on luck. It is instead a practice that must be done with caution and an abundance of research. Here are some football betting tips and strategies to help the average better succeed.

Line Hunting

One key tip for betting NFL football is to always make sure you are receiving the best lines. Some betters and handicappers swear by line shopping as a way to make the highest returns for your bets. Line shopping involves consulting different companies and betting offices to see who offers the best odds for the matchup or side bet you are interested in.

For instance, if you want to bet on an upset that you believe is a good chance, you should seek out the line which has the most potential upside. Betting on a 45-point underdog line for a game will net a higher payment than a 40-point underdog line on the exact same game. Seeking out these better lines will give the handicapper a much better chance of success and marginally higher profits for when they do win.

Find The Best Situation

Another one of the most important football betting tips is to hunt for the best possible situations that you can. This hunt involves not stopping with your favorite team or the most attractive upset. Instead, begin by narrowing down the games you want to bet on. Eliminate games that have lines you do not like or may have no chance for an upset that you would otherwise follow.

Then, research the lines for the rest of the games and look at a predetermined list of factors that you think are important for betting purposes. Maybe the running back for one team has been terrible against the team they are about to play. Perhaps the quarterback for one team does not work well with a defensive scheme that the other team is about to run. All of these factors increase or decrease the probability that a gambler will win a bet. They are the factors that gamblers must consider when they are deciding where to put their money. Given the limited budgets of many beginner gamblers, they should restrict their betting to the best few chances they have at first.

Wong Teasers

Finally, embracing Wong teasers can be helpful when they are offered. Wong teasers are reduced point spreads that can be obtained in return for reduced odds. These teasers should often only be used by experienced gamblers, but anyone with a sophisticated system based on evidence should be able to utilize such favorable terms. Wong teasers help gamblers set better odds and eventually achieve an edge over gambling websites if used correctly.


Football betting is a complex and sometimes imprecise feat. Betters often spend years attempting to hone their skills and refine their craft. All betters, however, begin with a simple approach based on hunting lines and picking the best situations where they should spend their money. While gambling is never a guarantee, an interested gambler can take these simple skills and use them to make a considerable amount of money with minimal losses.

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